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Dan Sweeney arrived in Zanzibar a day before our arrival the next night. The excitement on his face as he told the group about the beach he’d seen during the day was great and had everyone pumped. We were impressed by Dan’s ability to act maturely & professionally with all our clients. Dan has quite [...]

The Simpson Desert, Madigan Line Crossing

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DAY 1: Hit the road toward the Simpson Desert last night after loading the vehicle at the Fossil’s (old man Ron Moon) house who had left that morning.   Reigning in a late starter, my mate Phil jumped on board five hours before departure. Packed light, for a Madigan Line crossing anyway, thanks to the [...]

Moon Tours African Safari

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"Its not just about Kitesurfing, its about the adventure it takes you on" In this case 12 day wildlife Safari Zambia- VicFalls, Kenya- Massai Mara (migration), Tanzania- Serrengetti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire followed by 10 days Kiteboarding on the magical Island Zanzibar.