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AUD$5000 Converting Tour Price

Per person

Tour Dates

July 6 – 25, 2021


  • 17 nights meals included
  • Full length – Old Telegraph Track (OTL)
  • Multiple days camping on OTL
  • Cape Melville, beach camp
  • Frenchman’s Track
  • Starcke River
  • Lakefield National Park
  • Jardine River bush camp
  • Somerset, beach camp
  • Tip
  • Seisia
  • Palmer River Gold fields
  • Laura
  • Quinkan Aboriginal Rock Art galleries
  • Old Coach Road
  • Wetherby Station

Tour Inclusions

  • 13 nights chef prepared gourmet bush dining
  • 4 nights pub / Station dinner
  • Two support vehicles
  • Mechanical support
  • 4WD training
  • Permits and camp fees
  • Jardine River ferry fee
  • Five group dinners
  • Satellite phone
  • Defibrillator
  • Comprehensive First Aid

Tour Exclusions

  • Meals other than indicated
  • Fuel
  • Spareparts
  • Camping equipment
  • Cooking equipment
  • Each vehicle needs to be self sufficient, set up for extended remote travel

Tour Hosts

Trent Moon


Xtreme Cape York

Tackle the Cape’s toughest and most iconic tracks with your Aussie made off-road camper

On road chef and gourmet bush dining

Ron & Trent Moon have included what they reckon is the very best the Cape has to offer

Specialised support for those with off-road campers wanting to experience all the highlights of the Cape

Perfect for novice off-road tourers and seasoned travellers with or without trailers.


This is it ladies and gents, the Cape York trip of a lifetime. Whether you have an off-road camper or not our Xtreme Cape York trip is going to tick all those dreamy boxes and throw up all the challenges the Cape has to offer.

Deep water, big ruts, mud, steep climbs and decent’s is synonymous with Cape York. Many vehicles succumb to the challenges each year due to poor preparedness and lack of experience. There is no need for your vehicle and trailer to become another Nolans Brooke Youtube sensation. We have techniques and the experience that almost eliminates all the risk, so do not let the fear created on social media and Youtube stop you.

Now, if you’ve got a camper like these and well set up tow tug let’s go.  Track (Tvan), Trakmaster, Patriot Campers, Cub Campers, AOR (Australian Off Road campers), Pioneer Campers, Kimberley Kampers, Ultimate Campers

Your guide Trent Moon, has grown up in the bush and spent a heck of a lot of time Cape York as well as the Kimberley, some Canning runs, Flinders Ranges, Vic High Country and the Simpson Desert. But the Cape holds a particularly special place in Trent’s heart.

We have decided to specialise in off-road camper trips. An area and client base that we know desperately wants the next level of adventure in a safe, controlled and experienced way. We’re going to give owners the opportunity to experience trips like the Simpsons Deserts Madigan Line and Cape York’s OTL, Frenchman’s and the Old Coach Road. All the best and most challenging tracks in Australia. We know the gear is up to it for those with the right set up and with our help we’re going to share these area’s and our experience with you.

Seeing many off-road campers heading outback but few on the more remote and challenging tracks they have been built for. We’re going to change that.

“The reality is that many new owners haven’t had a lot of real remote and technical off-road experience but they do have the same sense of eagerness and thirst for adventure as any of us. They want to learn and get out there. We’ve  found that a lot of those with the experience want to travel with like minded people and that’s what will bring everyone together on our Aussie made off-road camper trips. With our experience we can confidently get them through with minimal damage to the track or their vehicles.” Trent says.

Trent remembers some of the first production off-road campers hitting the market and heading bush some 30 years ago. Including the very first Track Trailer Tvan ever made. “What we did to them was extraordinary, the places they went without too much trouble has inspired a whole new way to travel in outback Australia and we want to help show owners where they can go and what they can do.” says Trent.

In the last 20 years off-road campers have come a long way, chassis and suspension, 12V power accessories and technology as well as vehicle capability means you can really take on those iconic tracks while keeping those modern day luxuries. It’s fantastic.

Trent says, “Our mission on the Cape trip is to give our clients with good trailers the opportunity to get off the main dirt so they can experience the best places and 4WD tracks like they see on TV, in magazines and guidebooks. This trip will get our clients onto remote beaches at Cape Melville and Somerset, the full length of the Frenchman’s Track and Old Telegraph Line as well as the Old Coach Road. These all offer very different environments and challenges. Soft sand, rocky mountains, rain forests, mud, lots of water crossings, some technical and deep. Cape York is everything you could ask for, which makes it such a magic place.” 

Trent’s approach to get you and your off-road camper there and back in one piece; cut no corners, take all precautions, don’t rush.

Cape York is on many people’s bucket list for good reason. What are you waiting for?


Cape York has almost every landscape that is available in Australia. Between Cairns and the northern most point of the Australian continent, “Cape York”, will surprise and delight any avid 4WD’er.
There is an abundance of opportunities for 4WD enthusiasts to test your off-road driving skills in Cape York. Rocky mountains, crystal clear river crossings, bull dust, flood plains, thick bush, beach driving and rain forest; Cape York has it all.

To tackle the numerous off-road tracks in Cape York successfully you’ll need a well set up 4WD vehicle with low-range gearing and good ground clearance among other things. You can see our vehicle pre trip check list for more details.

Please understand we need to scrutinise the vehicles and trailers of each applicant.


This, almost three week journey has been put together with the experience of 44 Cape York trips and 13 editions of Ron & Viv Moon’s Cape York guide books. Ron & Trent wanted to capture the very best of Cape York with a few weeks time frame. We’ve allowed plenty of time, contingencies and back up plans as well as more time in the most iconic and some not so well known equally picturesque locations.

Cape York – Cooktown to the Tip, ending Mount Molloy.

Night 1 – Pre-Tour Meet & Greet. Lion’s Den Hotel.

Night 2 – 120km Lions Den Hotel to Starcke River Camp

Night 3, 4 – 120km Starcke River Camp – Cape Melville, Crocodile Camping area. Two nights.

Night 5– 190km Cape Melville to Sweetwater Camp via Hann Crossing. Lakefield National Park

Night 6– 200km Sweetwater Camp to Coen via Running Creek track

Night 7 – 170km Coen to Frenchman’s Track and Pascoe River

Night 8 – 105km Pascoe River to Bramwell Station via Frenchman’s track

Night 9– 40km Bramwell Station – Dulhunty River. Old Telegraph Line (OTL)

Night 10, 11 – 55km Dulhunty River to Eliot / Twin Falls – camping around Canal and Sam Creek.

Night 12– Eliot / Twin falls to Jardine River via OTL and ferry.

Night 13 – 80km Jardine River – Somerset (beach camp) via Bamaga

Night 14, 15 – 90km Somerset – The TIP – Seisia (Loyalty Beach Campground)

Night 16– 385km South via Bypass Road to Archer River Roadhouse

Night 17 – 305km Archer River – Laura

Night 18– 75km Laura onto Old Coach Road to Maytown

Night 19 – 220km Old Coach Road – Mount Molloy via Development Road. Wetherby Station.

Day 20 – end of tour.


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We’re bringing a la carte fine dining and gourmet meals to the remote outback. Enjoy 11 nights of beautiful dishes in picturesque bush settings. From the beach to remote bush camps and along side clear streams.


Example menu

  • Grilled Cajun chicken breast, served with polenta, beans, broccolini, and a delish fennel and olive salad.
  • Barbeque pork chops, topped with apple sauce, and served with roasted beetroot and pumpkin, and a side coleslaw.
  • Gnocchi, with braise beef, sugo, cherry tomatoes, spinach, parma
  • Lamb koftas, with sumac yogurt, dukkha sprinkles and tabbouleh salad
  • Mouth-watering gourmet beef sausages, on a creamy bed of mash, with roasted mushrooms, topped with a onion gravy.
  • Yellow chicken coconut curry, on bed of steamed jasmine rice, served with Asian slaw.
  • Chorizo & mushroom, creamy penne pasta, with cheesy garlic damper cooked over the camp fire.
  • Chilli con carne, with corn and tomato salsa, topped with sour cream, avocado, corn chips to dip.
  • Chicken schnitzel, with a creamy pumpkin mash, served with a zucchini chickpea salad.
  • Seared scotch fillet beef & noodle stir fry, with Asian slaw.
  • Lamb cutlets cooked on the Webber, served with honey roasted carrots, potato bake, brassica greens.
  • Chicken breast and haloumi, served with char grilled Mediterranean vegetable skewers, and camp fire jacket potatoes.
  • Slow cooked beef stew, served on a bed of seeded mustard mash, with damper or soda bread to dip.
  • Gourmet Burgers, with all the tasty things. Caramelised onions, Swiss cheese, home-made tomatoes relish and spinach leaves and a side serve of roasted kipfler potatoes.
  • Roasted harissa chicken, with Webber roasted vegetables and a grilled zucchini salad.
  • Slow roasted lamb shoulder, served with colourful pea and feta smash, roasted carrots, hand made pita bread and pickled onions.
  • Slow cooked Spaghetti bolognaise, with chefs special delicious camp fire herb and garlic damper.
  • Barbeque pork ribs off the Webber, served with a tasty potato salad, zucchini fritters.
  • Rasal honout chicken, with Cous Cous, roast pumpkin, with smoky pan tossed greens.
  • Chefs famous Ruben toasties, served with a potato salad and tossed mustard greens.
  • Grilled fish (whatever is available or caught by Trent) served with a roasted cauliflower and pomegranate salad, with roasted spuds, topped with dill yogurt.
  • Special Sushi lunch to be made with fresh caught fish


This will be finalised when all guests have submitted dietary requirements.



You can also read “Our story” by clicking here.

Trent grew up in the outback in the footsteps of his parents Ron & Viv Moon, 4WD legends and modern day explorers who are two of the most well travelled people on the planet. Mapping much of Australia, writing guidebooks and leading expeditions to the most remote corners of our country, Africa  and around the world. Now Trent and his wife Stephanie along with Ron and Viv work and travel together as much as they can.

Trent’s best mate Matt is an experienced off roader, a farmer and very handy with mechanical, electrical and welding. He’ll be driving a 79 Series dual cab and will be the second back up vehicle on the trip. Between the boys they make an ingenious pair and work well together to solve any tricky obstacles and issues.


Vehicles and trailers wanting to tackle this itinerary need to be well set up. You don’t need every item from the accessories catalogue, even though each and every one makes life easier you would almost need a blank cheque. There are some essential minimum requirements. Reliability is key.

Vehicles – Pre trip service by a 4WD specialist and replacement of anything on the way out. Bull bar and winch, recovery kit, aftermarket suspension, off-road tyres, UHF radio, snorkel (inc snorkel sock) and dual battery. You can probably get by without some of the other things, even a fridge if you wanted to eat canned food and drink warm beer, but you must at least have the basics above before considering the trip.

Trailers – Well serviced and maintained. Checked over and anything worn to be replaced prior to the trip. Wheel bearings, electrics and structural integrity are key.

Aussie made trailers – Track (Tvan), Trakmaster, Patriot Campers, Cub Campers, AOR (Australian Off Road campers), Pioneer Campers, Kimberley Kampers, Ultimate Campers and the likes are most welcome.

Imported campers – There are some really good Aussie designed, imported brands out there. If you own one you are most welcome to apply.

No trailer – Don’t tow a camper? That’s ok. We keep trailer numbers limited which leaves room for a few vehicles without trailers.

Strictly limited to six camper trailers.

Safety is our number one priority
In the Moon Tours kit it’s likely we will have some extra items on board for your and our piece of mind.
  • Satellite phone
  • Large first aid kit including broad spectrum antibiotics, painkillers, muscle relaxants and morphine whistles
  • Defibrillator
  • Winch
  • Welding equipment
  • Grinder
  • Tool kit
  • Inverter
What camping equipment do I need?
  • Swag, tent or roof top. Or camper trailers with prior approval
  • Camp chair
  • Cooking eqipment, cutlery, dishwashing
  • Head torch and camp light
  • Axe, chainsaw, shovel
Minimum Spares Kit Recommended 
  • Fan belts
  • Oil
  • Radiator stop leak
  • Radiator hose tape
  • Two spares tyres on rims for your vehicle. Additional spare for your trailer if it runs a different stud pattern.
  • Fuses
  • Trailer spares recommended by manufacturer. Most common faults will be electrical, welds, bearings (though they should be as new before the trip)
  • Air Filter
  • Fuel filter
  • Brake Fluid
  • Engine oil


For thousands of years, Aborigines have lived in this region. The path of the CREB Track mostly follows ancient Aboriginal foot trails. After Cook and his crew took refuge in Cooktown in 1770, few white men visited for almost 100 years. Kennedy’s expedition in 1848 bypassed this section of coast, highlighting how difficult the terrain was, and still is.

The 1873 discovery of gold in the Palmer River essentially built Cooktown and plenty more ghost settlements like Maytown, but the area around the CREB Track was primarily mined for tin.

In February 1606, Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon landed near the site of what is now Weipa, on the western shore of Cape York. This was the first recorded landing of a European in Australia, and it also marked the first reported contact between European and Aboriginal Australian people.

Edmund Kennedy was the first European explorer to attempt an overland expedition of Cape York Peninsula. He had been second-in-command to Thomas Livingstone Mitchell in 1846 when the Barcoo River was encountered. The aim was to establish a route to the tip of the peninsula, where Sydney businessmen were attempting development of a port for trade with the East Indies.[3]

The expedition set out from Rockingham Bay near the present town of Cardwell in May 1848, and it turned out to be one of the great disasters of Australian exploration. Of the thirteen men who set out, only three survived. The others died of fever or starvation, or were speared by hostile aborigines. Kennedy died of spear wounds almost within sight of his destination in December 1848. The only survivor to complete the journey was Jackey Jackey, an aborigine from New South Wales. He led a rescue party to the other two who had been unable to continue.[3]

The peninsula was finally reached in 1864 when the brothers Francis Lascelles (Frank) and Alexander William Jardine, along with eight companions, drove a mob of cattle from Rockhampton to the new settlement of Somerset (on Cape York) where the Jardines’ father was commander. En route they lost most of their horses, many of their stores and fought pitched battles with Aborigines, finally arriving in March 1865.

Credit – wikipedia


  • We recommend talking with David at Oz Satellite Rentals. Based in Victoria they can send items like Satellite phones, Defibrillators, Radios, EPIRBS, Spot Satellite devices, HEMA HX1 navigation units and more all around the country.
  • Oz Satellite Rentals also hires Track Trailer Tvans, James Baroud Rooftop tents, Fridges and Generators.
  • Based on the Gold Coast with the option to pick up Track Trailer Tvans from different locations around Australia, talk with Tristan at Atlas Trailer Hire.


  • AUD$5000 inc GST per person
  • Teenage passenger $1100 inc GST
  • Children under 12 years no meals included travel free.


  1. Discovery & AOR Eclipse
  2. Landcruiser 200, TVAN
  3. Landcruiser 200, no camper
  4. Lnacruiser 200, no camper

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