We’ve been up here on the Cape for the last few weeks doing some reccy’s and meeting with T/O’s. Boy have we got some exciting places to take our guests back to on our next Cape York tour.

We have been having a great time with Kayleigh in her Suzuki Sierra and checking out the state of the tracks. We are now making our way back to the Sunny Coast to pick up our new camper from AOR before turning around and doing it all again. If you’re one of the fortunate souls with the freedom to travel and you want to do Cape York, this is the time. Trent syas “I have’nt seen it like this with so few people since I was kid in the 80’s and early 90’s”

You’ll get to see all the best parts and harder 4WD tracks with your camper in tow. Like Frenchmans and the Tele (OTL) and even a lesser known longer one that you’ll love. The two week itinerary will suit AOR models Matrix, Quantums, Seirras.

TVANs, Track & Patriot campers alike would also love this itinerary.

We’re back on the Tele today and won’t have service. So check out the link below and jump on the booking form if you’d like to join us in few weeks. We’ll be able to answer emails and questions in about a week.

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