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Luxury – Adventure

Trent & Stephanie Moon married in Africa on Safari in October, 2019 after almost 10 years of adventures together. Steph was a keen & an experienced traveller in her own right before meeting Trent. Since then they haven’t stopped chalking up incredible adventures together while giving their clients unforgettable experiences. Their specialty is what they like to call, Luxury-Adventure. Remote, off the beaten track and getting away from the crowds is at the crux of it all.

Trent comes from a long line of explorers, breeding stock going back to the 1830s when his G-G-G-grandfather joined Charles Sturt on his 1844 Central Australian expedition. His G-G-grandfather rode ‘pony express’ on the Darwin-to-Adelaide Overland Telegraph Line in 1870, while his G-grandfather was killed in Bolivia, South America while trying to protect his wolfram mine in 1915.

Trent’s late grandfather travelled the world in the 1920s before travelling, with his grand-mother, much of Australia including the NT in the 1930s and 40s. His late uncle has an incredible history searching far-out corners of the globe including Papua New Guinea and Africa, which included working with the late, great conservationist, ‘George Adamson’.

This was followed by modern day explorers, Ron & Viv Moon. Trent’s parents are among the most well-travelled people in Australia and some of the most experienced 4WD over-landers in the world. When it comes to remote travel they have quite literally written the book on it and those remote area 4WD guide books have been in print for almost 40 years and still are to this day.

It is fair to say Trent has had an extraordinary upbringing. At the age of 10 he was confidently driving across the desert (dad in the passenger seat of course), at 18 Trent was nominated Safari Club International Hunter of the year which brings with it a unique skill set and understanding of wildlife behaviour and the bush. These days Trent shoots with a camera. He has spent much of his life in remote areas of Australia, Africa and on or in the sea. Boat trips, spear fishing, scuba and surfing adventures.

At heart Trent is a hunter, conservationist, surfer and explorer while Steph has an insatiable thirst for salt water, a passion for wildlife and learning about new cultures.

Together, Trent & Stephanie’s sense of adventure inspires Moon Tours.

This is the lifeblood that flows through our brand; salt water, glassy waves, red desert sand, outback dust and the African savannah pulses through our veins!

Trent & Stephanie Moon