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Flinders Ranges adventure: Episode 3

By Ron Moon and Matt Raudonikis, 08 Jun 2020 SA

In Episode 3, the team travels to the Gammon Ranges and beyond to Arkaroola.

Arkaroola Ridgetop Track

In the third and final episode of the Flinders Ranges adventure, Ron and the crew leave the gorges behind and head for Gammon Ranges and Arkaroola.Episode 1: Beginning at the southern edge of the Flinders

Episode 2: From Willow Springs to Moro Gorge 

This leg of the trip begins at the remote and harsh Chambers Gorge, where its major attraction is the Aboriginal rock art.

From Chambers Gorge the convoy points their tyres toward Gammon Ranges NP, where they turn towards Balcanoona and Lake Frome and the nearby Beverley Uranium Mine.

Colorado in Arkaroola

From here, tyre treads are marked on the road toward Illinawortina Pound to Mainwater Well and onto the deserted homestead of Idninha, before the guys throw down their swags at the famous Arkaroola Resort – which comprises of plenty of great 4×4 tracks.

The Flinders Ranges adventure ends atop the Arkaroola Ridgetop Track, and as Matt says, “is there a better track in Australia?”

Keep an eye out for the next Adventure Series, where the team tackles wild tracks of Tasmania.