We can all do our part. Choose environmentally friendly and ethically made products

Source – Bikini Adventures.com.au


Never before have the challenges of our planet felt so real. Australia is burning. Out of control. Over 5,000,000 hectares have burnt with rain clouds no where to be seen. Lives have been lost. Homes, properties and towns obliterated and 500 million wildlife have been killed, wiping out 30% of the Koala population leaving the survivors burnt, dehydrated and under threat. We are living in smoke engulfed cities, 11 times the hazardous threshold. The climate is at crisis point and as current tenants of the Earth, 2020 needs to be the year of change. The year that conscious consumption reaches an all time high.

We can all do our bit. Start small:

  1. Say no to plastic bags and single use plastics
  2. Use a Keep Cup for your takeaway coffees
  3. Reduce waste and avoid purchases which will end up in landfill
  4. Get a compost bin for food scraps (less landfill and great for the garden)
  5. Eat less meat to reduce methane gas – start with one meat free day a week
  6. Reduce energy use and make the move to clean energy
  7. Choose environmentally friendly and ethically made products

In an effort to make an impact and do our part for the environment, Bikini Adventures sources brands that are sustainable and ethically produced. Brands that use sustainable swim fabrics can help reduce waste, water and emissions.

Most swimwear is made from virgin polyester or nylon. This kind of material not only sheds micro-plastics into the water with each wash, but it’s also a waste of resources. Why create more of an artificial fabric when we have so much nylon laying along our shores and floating in our seas? For example, abandoned fishing nets.

One of the best eco-friendly materials is ECONYL, which is regenerated nylon from pre and post-consumer products. To make ECONYL, waste like fishing nets, fabric scraps and carpet fluff are used in a regeneration and purification process. They are spun into a yarn and reworked to create a recycled nylon fabric. Perfect for swimwear and cleaner oceans! Another eco-friendly fabric is REPREVE, which is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Here are 5 sustainable and ethically produced swimwear brands that can help you reduce your impact on the environment.

Soulti Surf

All of Soulti’s products are eco consciously made from recycled fishing nets. By wearing recycled fabrics, you can help clear discarded fishing nets from sea beds, and minimise land fill.

Soulti also use deadstock fabrics which means that some of their patterned fabrics came from leftover fabric cut offs. This method reduces landfill and fast fashion by providing fabric off cuts with a second life.

The Ginger Rose separates are reversible, providing you with the freedom and creativity to mix up your salty style while also reducing the amount of swimwear you need to buy. Each reversible piece has the option of a patterned or plain side, making items adaptable for any occasion. Two suits in one = less landfill.

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September the Line

September the Line

SEPTEMBER the Line is a collection of luxury and elevated surf and swimwear. Their signature luxury Italian recycled fabric is made from 100% regenerated nylon yarn made from pre and post industrial waste, such as ghost fishing nets and carpet fluff. Instead of being disposed of in the landfill, they are recovered and transformed into the regenerated nylon that makes your SEPTEMBER the Line swimsuit.

SEPTEMBER the Line wants you to wear their swimsuits for years, maybe even decades. That’s why they use only the highest quality recycled fabric. The recycled nylon is woven with 22% Xtra Life Lycra®, a higher durability than mainstream swimwear fabric. Durability = Sustainability. Many brands use a thinner and cheaper lining material on their swimsuits, but SEPTEMBER lines all their swimsuits and bikinis with the same Italian recycled nylon as the outer fabric. This gives the suit an enhanced shape retention that sculpts the silhouette, smooths and supports you in all the right areas and leaves you feeling amazing and confident in and out of the water.

The separates are reversible giving you two bikini’s in one, helping reduce the amount of ‘things’ in your life, which in turn helps reduce landfill.

The swimwear is manufactured at an ethical, family owned factory in Bali. The brand believes in small run production over mass production.

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Zealous Swimwear

Zealous is a sustainable swimwear brand, specialising in sports bikini’s. They are heavily investing in initiatives to make a positive impact and protect our environment, in order to establish a more sustainable way of doing business. A few initiatives include:

  • Surf bikinis are made from 78% recycled fishing nets, saving tonnes of CO2 emissions and crude oil
  • They reduce waste fabric by turning fabric leftovers into scrunchies that we giveaway as little presents to customers and friends
  • They use biodegradable packaging
  • They practices fair production in Bali, with every piece handmade by local workers. Regular factory checks ensures the seamstresses are working under good conditions.
  • They aim to offset all our CO2 emissions by 2019!
  • As a 1% for the Planet ® member, they donate 1% of their annual sales to environmental issues (in 2018 they donated their 1% to Bye Bye Plastic Bags Bali who are fighting for the ban of single use plastic in Bali as well as stopping plastic trash to enter the ocean)

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  • Zealous Surf Bikini
    Brazilian Surf Bikini Bottoms – Shades of Blue
  • Zealous Surf Bikini
    Signature Surf Bikini Top – Shades of Blue
  • Zealous Surf Bikini
    Riptide Wrap Surf Bikini Top – Shades of Blue


Elation Surf Swimwear

Elation is a sustainable and ethically produced unique swimwear label, eco-consciously made from ECONYL and REPREVE, helping rescue waste from our oceans and landfills.

Elation pride themselves not just for the manufacturing and production process, but the finer detailing of their brand by using environmentally friendlier options in every way possible. These include compostable mailing satchels, compostable hygiene stickers, digital printing using eco-certified dyes, heat pressing and reusable storage pouches.

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Island'her Swimwear

Island’her swimsuits are flattering, feminine and functional. They are ethically manufactured with a local Indonesian team who own their own small production house in Bali. They are paid on a per-piece basis. They set not only the prices for each style but also choose their working space, their hours and what days a week they work.

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