If you’re looking for a slightly more mellow version of Indo, that is way more user friendly, and more chilled politically, then the Maldives is an epic travel destination that can be just as perfect. The maldives doesn’t generally pack as much punch and power as indonesia due to its location in the centre of the indian ocean, a fair way north of indonesia.

However, the Maldives still picks up more than enough swell during peak season (April to October) to keep the majority of visitors totally stoked.


The best SUP for you to bring is the one you are most comfortable on at home. No big guns required as even with some size most spots allow for an easy take off. Majority of the time you will be surfing waves in the 2-4ft range with long playful long runners, when the swell is big expect waves in the 4-6ft.

We have 10 Sunova SUPs onboard our SUP tours ranging from 8’0 – 9’4, in model Flash, Flow, Speed & Creek. So you can leave your board at home if we have something suitable for you. Email us to check availablility for your tour dates, boards can be reserved upon booking. 


Our small group tours are adult enviroment and we do not accept children under 12 years. We have designed all our tours in a way to entertain non surfing partners or friends while you are out surfing, with special 50% off rates for non surfers. Non surfers can partake in all other activities such as diving, fishing, island exploring, cooking classes, or simply come along for a luxury cruise and relax with a book & cocktail. 

The best family option in the Maldives with young children would be surf resorts like Kandooma or Cinnomon. PROS Kids clubs and nannys while you go surfing are great benifits of a resort. CONS limited to waves surrounding resort, and conditions may not allign for your stay.

If your kids are past kids club age, a private family charter will give the ultimate flexibility. You can chase the waves all over the Maldives. Small 6 sleeper sailing catermaran, to the most luxurios 18 sleeper motor yatchs. Ranging from USD$10,000 to USD$120,000 for 7 nights fully crewed and inclusive of all meals. Bespoke packages are designed to suit each family and can include Sunova SUPs, surf & SUP guide, activitie co ordinator, yoga / pilates instructor, photographer, acoustic guitarist, massuse, jet skis, kitesurfing instruactor, surf coach, diving equipment. If you can dream it, we can bring it to life. 

Request a private charter quote; CLICK HERE



We get epic SUP waves in the Maldives between April to October.

The North/South Male waves such as chickens, cokes, ninjas area can get a little busy. Theses waves are closest to the airport, resorts and surf guest houses. These waves are hotspots for shortboarders wanting something faster, suckier and tend to be shallower. 

We include unlimted travel allowance on all of tours as a standard to ensure we can travel away from the crowded waves. The Central Atolls cover a large number of islands, some exposed to southwest swell and others southeast swell. This region has some of our favorite SUP breaks that are suitable to most surfers. The distance between breaks means we will cover some miles, but the crowds are minimal, and the waves great fun. 

Maldives is blessed with all year round waves, from October to April you can take a flight deep South. 

This season makes it a bit tricky for travelling with SUPs as the internal airlines having board length restrictions of 8’0. However there are some new international flights being scheduled to land here from South Africa & Singapore. 

 There are a couple of surf resorts or book a private charter for you and your friends, with a handful of nice liveaboards available in the deep south.


Average air temperature is 29-31C all year round, with a water temperature averaging at 28C.

Don’t be put off that the surf season May to September is the wet season for the Maldives – it’s still a period for travel. Humidity and rain do increase over these months, but as the islands are so low-lying, rain clouds blow over very quickly so rain will only be short lived. Lower traveller numbers and excellent “low season” offers mean its a great time to visit.