2020 Covid Cape York Tagalong Tour

As residents of Cairns we have been to the Cape numerous times.  However, when this tour came up we were immediately very keen to join it. It covered tracks in Cape York that we had not done.  These 4WD tracks should be attempted with the support of other vehicles so for us this was the opportunity.

Starke River Wakooka track was completely new territory for us.  Travelling with Trent has given us the knowledge of this track and its difficult sections. We now feel we could use this knowledge to traverse this track ourselves in the future.

Frenchman’s track has always been there as a challenge with stories of the Pascoe River crossing. With Trent’s knowledge of the track and the support of travelling in a group the challenge was satisfactorily accomplished.  It was also most enjoyable to have a previously investigated different route to return to camp.

We have done the southern section of the Tele track previously when there have been suitable chicken tracks to negotiate difficult crossings. The highlight of this section was negotiating Palm Creek. This crossing scared us off in the past but with Trent sitting in the passenger seat drivers found that this feat was not as scary as it looked.

We have never done the complete northern section of the Tele track because of the deep water crossings. This is a beautiful section of the track and it was very rewarding to be able to traverse it. This was made possible by Trent checking crossing depths, selecting suitable routes, offering advice and having all of the necessary safety protocols in place.  It is always satisfying to find that your vehicle can adequately and easily manage these crossings.

We also thoroughly enjoyed traversing the short cut tracks from Loyalty Beach and Punsand Bay to the main track. A great trip! However it is worth remembering that after traversing rough 4WD tracks it is to be expected that there may be some repairs necessary on your vehicle.


Sherry & Pedro Koina

QLD, Australia