Most people think you put a snorkel on for water, but; Australia is made of something much more common and potentially brutal to your vehicles air supply. Dust. Engine dusting is a real thing and it’s much more common than you might think. At Moon Tours, when we build a vehicle a snorkel is one of the first things we put on.

On that note. Land Cruiser 70 series vehicles which come standard with something. that may look like a snorkel is most definitely not. Replace that thing right from the get go.



There’s been a lot of chatter and noise on the social media networks about the new Toyota HiLux having an issue with air cleaners and dusting engines.

‘Dusting an engine’ refers to when dust gets past the air cleaner in the air inlet of the engine. Dust in the engine acts like a super-fine abrasive (a very effective one at that) which, over time, depending on how much dust and the size of the dust particles, puts paid to the internals of the engine. As you can gather, it is a very expensive fix!

Before it reaches that point, however, there can be other issues. The dust getting past the air cleaner can attach itself, on more modern engines, to the Mass Airflow Sensor (MAS) in the induction system and send the vehicle into limp-home mode. That’s annoying and, if it continues, is a sign of trouble to come.