Travelling along the Great Australian Bight might not be the first area that comes to mind when planning a 4WD trip in outback Australia. You might want to think again when you see this. If you’re lucky you might be able to find Ron and Viv Moon’s Across the Bight and Nullabor guidebook.

From Esperance WA to Baird Bay SA it is one of the must do Aussie outback journey’s. Especially in our warmer months when central and northern Australia are not an enticing option.

Moon Tours will be putting a trip together in the near future so be sure to let us know if this is something that interests you.

Check out the hour long 4×4 Australia video in this link >>


Great Australian Bight expedition

They don’t call the Great Australian Bight great for nothing. Check out this hour-long video of 4×4 Australia’s epic journey across the Bight.

Great Australian Bight: the expedition video

4×4 Australia’s Big Bight Expedition covered a huge hunk of Australia’s southern coast.

It was three weeks of incomparable off-road exploration from Esperance in Western Australia to Baird Bay in South Australia.

Taking in rugged cliffs, beautiful unspoilt beaches, and the unforgiving limestone plateaus, it was an adventure to remember. Joining us were a few friends, the crews from Maxtrax and Safari 4×4, plus a couple of Land Rovers to make life more comfortable.

We came back with a tonne of footage and compiled it into this clip that reflects the epic nature of the expedition. So crack a coldy, keep the rest of the six-pack close by, put your feet up and enjoy the ride as Ron Moon leads us on this track less-travelled south of the Nullabor.