On a recent trip to Cape York the trusty old 80 Series Cruiser in the group decided it’s alternator had had enough. This time lapse was the second time we’d taken it out. Being 250km from Weipa where we’d found a replacement after a few calls, we decided first to whip it out, pull it down and try to repair it. It didn’t work. The 80 was back together, and with a new battery it was decided the group would carry on into the Iron Range National Park the following day.

The next morning, Steph and Trent departed Archer River for Weipa around 4:30am, a 250km run on dirt roads busy with mining trucks, corrugations and pot holes. Making good time they rolled into Weipa at 8am, picked up the new alternator, snuck in a coffee and breakfast before turning around and back tracking. Meeting the group close to Portland Roads our camp that night was in the rainforest. As dark fell we started the second transplant. Trent & Matt, with commentary and a bit of hand from the back stalls got it done in a couple of hours including a short stop for dinner.

When your in the bush and a long way from anywhere, you do what you have to and what you can. A bit of mechanical and electrical knowledge goes a long way out there.