Dan Sweeney arrived in Zanzibar a day before our arrival the next night. The excitement on his face as he told the group about the beach he’d seen during the day was great and had everyone pumped. We were impressed by Dan’s ability to act maturely & professionally with all our clients. Dan has quite the analytical mind when it comes to breaking down all facets of kiteboarding and it was nice to see him relating on all levels, from water starts to unhooked passes with our guests. He was committed to training and looked after himself like a professional athlete, ready to hit the water every day.
For the next 17 days we kited over aqua blue tropical waters on a beach with sand as fine as dust and white as snow stretching for miles. Protecting the beach is an offshore reef with nice, easy waves for beginners and larger bombs on the edge of the passes. Accommodation options cover everyone from $20 to $2000 per night right on the beach.

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Words by Trent Moon

Images by Adrenaline Boardsports