Words by Trent Moon

A lifetime of outback travel, the conception of  Australian made off-road campers and the innovation of the Tvan almost 20 years ago. It’s a lucrative market with adventurous Aussie families opting to explore their own backyard in place of overseas holidays. That’s a great thing. Australia has much to offer, a vast country with no borders makes easy access but taming its more remote corners is still a challenge, even with todays modern advances.

Vehicles and trailers have come along way but they are not all ready, set, go for outback travel, especially for places like the Simpson Desert, Canning Stock Route, Kimberley’s and Cape York. When you want to get off the relatively mild dirt roads and easy going into the more adventurous and remote areas extra preparedness is required.

Simpson Tvan Outback

When it comes to off-road campers todays market is flooded but the fact still remains, when you want the best, you stick with Australian made. If you want the best of the Aussie bunch the team at Outback HQ who manufacture Track Trailers and distribute Cub Campers are your one stop shop. The iconic Tvan continues it’s 20 year reign as the benchmark of mid size campers.

Still, very few tackle our more infamous tracks, which is what your Australian made off-road camper has been built for. This is where most imports struggle to match the fight against our gruelling outback conditions.  Reports of electrical fires, dust filled beds, breaking welds and interiors falling apart are not uncommon.

Simpson Tvan Outback

The MKI Tvan was built to go anywhere your vehicle could muster. Anywhere your truck was capable of travelling the Tvan would follow. We’ve seen them dragged cross country in the desert, tackle the Tele track and Old Coach Road in Cape York without a hitch; mud holes, mountains and beaches you wouldn’t dream of towing any regular off-road camper. They really are incredible and we want owners to experience what lies beyond the dirt roads, the real remote outback Australia.

Everyone with a quality built Australian made off-road camper like the Track Trailer Tvan from Outback HQ find themselves in the position of many 4WD owners. Without the confidence or experience to tackle our most remote parts. Not in the real sense of the word. To us, travelling up and down the Oodnadatta Track, Peninsula Development Road, Gibb River Road or Tanami Track are a means to an end, a transit stage if you like. Just another road to get you where we really want to go. For most people those roads and so called tracks are the adventure. We want to take you and your camper much further than that.

Simpson Tvan Outback

After a dozen crossings of the Simpson Desert, most recently our Moon Tours East-West Madigan Line crossings we see first hand the damage 4WD and campers can do. Ending in damaged and bogged vehicles, chopped up and destroyed tracks from incorrect tyre pressures and driving technique. There’s a strong argument that trailers should be banned from crossing the Simpson that has been raging for years. For 2o years at least, trailers have been crossing the desert. Now days more people are heading outback than ever before, more with trailers than without. Trailers are crossing the desert with no end in sight and it can be done right. If we get to show people this incredible part of Australia, teach them a few things and help maintain the track we reckon this is a good thing.

Simpson Tvan Outback

We’re going to give you the techniques and experience to make trips like these achievable, doable and relatively easy with the right experience and preparation.

Generally strict rules apply with tag-along tour operators crossing the Madigan Line, NO TRAILERS. We wanted to change that and give those with good off-road campers the opportunity. With our assistance, the right advice and support we’ll give owners the confidence and skills to tackle crossings like this comfortably. People are often blown away by what their vehicle and campers can actually do.


If you’d like to take your off-road camper across the Madigan Line with us check out this link. 

In the market for a quality built Australian made off-road camper? Get in touch with the team at Outback HQ.


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